If a RISING TIDE lifts all boats,
then we can also agree that it “takes a village” to address

is finding solutions where there were only problems


In addition to making financial donations to our Beyond Housing Fund, you can also contribute through a variety of ways.

Appliances & Furniture

All of the Rising Tide units come fully furnished including television, bed, dining table, fridge, chairs, dishes, pots & pans, etc.

If you have some gently used household items that would be suitable please contact us to make arrangements for pick-up or delivery.

Land or Buildings

Finding land is one of the challenging aspects of Rising Tide. Surplus government land and/or individuals wishing to donate property are contributions that are welcomed by Rising Tide.

Current contributors include:

• City of Moncton

Products & Services

Electrical, plumbing, carpentry, appliance repairs, painting, landscaping, and other related services can be donated either on a one-time per property basis or over a long-term contribution.

Products such as appliances, clothing, bedding, etc. are welcome.

Rising Tide wishes to express their sincere appreciation for current community partners including:

• Fowler Law Inc.
• Enviro Plus